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Real Estate Partners

As a large percentage of our business is referrals from Real Estate Partners, we have developed a program to ensure the maximum in service and mutually beneficial business referral & income growth opportunities.

We only team up with proven professionals with the highest ethical standards who have demonstrated a desire to work in their client’s best interest.


Along with our consumer direct marketing campaigns, we receive applications from prospects that are referred to us from friends, neighbors, local businesses, etc., as well as people surfing the net who are relocating from regions all over the United States. Sometimes those applicants are interested in being pre-approved before they begin the process of looking for a home.

At application, we ask them if they are currently working with a Real Estate Professional. Once pre-approved, if these clients require the services of a Real Estate Professional, we will refer them to our Real Estate Partners, as a way to generate business for us both.


In addition to the services we provide our Realtor we also help them retain their past clients loyalty through our Client Retention Contact Program, therefore increasing their monthly business & income. We use Mortage Quest the best database program in the mortgage business today. This allows us to track each client with great detail and tailor makes direct marketing campaigns for specific real estate situations.

After each transaction for the first year each client gets a letter from us every 90 days and the years following they receive something at least twice a year. When a client is ready to sell and buy real estate again they are referred back to YOU.

How Do You Select the Right Lender?

A common question is “how does one select the right lender?”

First of all, top producing Realtors do not switch lenders very often. Why? Because good lenders are hard to find.

When we think of a lender, most consumers automatically think of “lowest rate.” The lowest rate for a lender can probably be found on the Internet. Just like the lowest rate for a stock trade or direct mutual fund investing can be found on the Internet. Just like the lowest insurance premium can be found on the Internet. Just like the family planning “do-it-yourself” solutions can be found on the Internet. Eliminating the middleman always seems to be the least expensive route, but, be careful what you wish for, don’t eliminate yourself in the process.

The best loan for a client, believe it or not, many times is not the lowest rate available. It’s always about matching the proper loan with the client’s life style or finding a loan that can accomplish a more important goal like retirement planning investment, adequately providing insurance protection for ones family, refinancing to make the IRS go away, avoiding bankruptcy, etc. A successful mortgage professional doesn’t provide loans, they provide integrated financial solutions.

The most important elements in selecting a lender are:
* First, can they do what they say?
* Second, are they competent and professional?
* Third, is the lender you are working with out to earn a quick buck or are they in the relationship for the long haul?
* Fourth, the referred professional is an extension of the referring sources of business...will they live up to the referral?

And last, from the referring professional’s point of view, will the referred lender have a referral mindset as well as protect the referring professionals interests in the relationship?
partner - noun. 1. a player on the same side or team as another. 2. a person who shares or is associated with another in some action or endeavor.

You are only as good as those you partner with. With all the facets that go into real estate transactions having solid partnerships is critical. I'm consistenly looking for authentic partners.